Membership Types

Full - The works! It entitles member to full club benefits including Club card & name tag, discounts at competition events & from selected advertisers, yearly subscriptions to both the MSCC Chicane & MCSCC Klaxon, a MCSCC GCR & annual, social outings, and is needed in order to have a competition license. (Includes membership in Midwestern Council) $50

Spousal - Entitles spousal member to have competition privileges & their respective discounts, but does not duplicate Chicane mailings. (One other family member must already hold a full MSCC membership.) $25

Junior Competition - Entitles 12-17 year old child of primary club member to compete in the parking lot autocross program (MC requires minimum age of 18 yrs old) and all respective discounts. Includes Chicane mailing, but does not include MC privileges. (One other family member must already hold a full MSCC membership) $25

Dual - Gives full MSCC privileges including Chicane, nametag, etc., but does not duplicate Council privileges. This is ideal for those wishing to be a member of more than one Midwestern Council club. (Dual member must hold a primary membership is in another Council club) $25

Family - For children under the age of 18. Entitles child to name tag, MSCC membership card, and a certificate proclaiming family membership to the MSCC. $5

Chicane Only - For those wishing to send a gift subscription of the printed Chicane to anyone they wish.